A Beyhive attack on Chilli

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Friday, 3 January 2014 | 1049 Total Views


Dedicated fans of Beyonce known as Beyhive attacked Rozenda Thomas also known as Chilli of girl group TLC, for daring to diss their queen Bee on New Year's Eve. It all started when Chilli re-Tweeted a list of fads & phrases that need to stay in 2013 and not enter 2014 and Beyonce and all her nick names were on the list.

The most controversial please-leave-in-2013 “saying” went to “Bey, ‘B,’ Queen B, or any variation or form of the world Beyonce.”

Immediately she re-tweeted the list, the Beyhive went in. The abuse was so much that Chili deleted the post and tried to explain herself.