Awesome Ways to Motivate Your Workforce

Ezekiel Adesawe  | Thursday, 23 June 2016 | Total Views


Every employer/manager knows how important it is for employees to be motivated because a motivated workforce is a productive workforce. Unfortunately, not every employer/manager succeeds at finding creative ways of motivating their workforce. Here are some awesome ways to motivate employees.

Gamification and  Incentives
Gamification’ is the application of typical elements of game playing and techniques in order to engage people and motivate them to achieve their goals. This is a very innovative method of motivating employees because it is fun and everyone likes to have fun.

Incentives are also a good way to reward and motivate your employees after a job well done. These incentives could be material (a raise, a gift, a promotion) or non-material (flexible hours, a day off, professional growth).

Empower Employees                                     
As an employer/manager, you have obviously determined and informed everyone how each task should be done by each employee, and that’s cool. But sometimes, your employees might come up with a more efficient way of how they or others can do their job. If you really want to motivate your employees, you should listen to them and welcome their new ideas.

We are in the digital age and we have to embrace it whether we like it or not. I know this sounds funny, but there’s literally an app for everything now (every single thing) and wherever  you go, you will always find a little piece of technology. Technology has helped us simplify and speed up different processes, from communication to industrialization to basically anything you can think of. So when we talk about employee motivation, technology definitely has a role to play there.

Set a Good Example
It is important for managers to set a good example for employees to follow. If a manager is excited about a new project and works hard on it, it will only motivate the workforce to do the same because hard work and excitement can be very contagious.
Managers/employers should constantly find creative and innovative ways of motivating their workforce because business success is highly dependent on that.