Disappearing act: What happened to these musicians?

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Monday, 27 January 2014 | 2142 Total Views


It is not often uncommon to find a very promising musical artiste with a hit song pull a disappearing act on us. Some call them a 'one hit wonder' others call them a flash in the pan.
Some artistes just release a hit song, get everybody dancing and expecting more hits from them and suddenly go underground.

Could it be that they were not really musicians or only got inspired at a point and after the hit, the inspiration vanishes? Or could it be that to survive and remain relevant in the music industry requires more than just the talent? However, some artistes have been able to stay relevant in the industry with a few songs while others with more songs suddenly disappeared into oblivion. Let's go through a number of artistes who did it big at a time in the Nigerian Music industry and disappeared.



Tony Tetuila started music with a group called the Remedies in 1998 and became a solo artiste in 1999. He released his first album titled 'Morning Time' which had the hit single 'Omo de meta n’sere'.
His biggest breakthrough came in 2001 when he released his sophomore album 'My Car' which had the monster hit single 'My Car'. With release of that single, Tony Tetuila became a household name.
For a while he remained the number one Nigerian musician, but after a few years, his popularity began to dwindle and his other songs didn’t make much impact anymore and after a while he disappeared.



The controversial and only rapper who was bold enough to attack the then Nigerian Music power house ‘Kennis Music’. He became popular after releasing a track that dissed former remedies member Eedris Abdulkarim.

Riding on the popularity that his diss track brought, he went on to release ‘Baraje’ in 2006 and the dance track became a club banger that same year.

After a brief self imposed sabbatical, he released ‘Ruggedy baba’ featuring 9ice and the song was greatly received by his fans but however, whatever became of Ruggedman’s musical career after that remains a mystery.



Ex-Remedies star, Eedris AdulKarim, who released monster hits like ‘Mr Lecturer’ and ‘Oko Omoge’ in the early part of last decade, has been seen here and there. His effort to reclaim his former position as a foremost rapper has not yielded results. 

The rapper who became very controversial after fighting American rapper 50 cent in 2004 and his brawl with former President Olusegun Obasanjo after the release of his monster hit single ‘Jaga Jaga’. 

Eedris is yet to make any significant impact since then.



Olu Maintain became a household name after the release of his hit single ‘Yahoozee’ in 2007. Olu Maintain couldn’t keep up with the pace of that single and despite trying a comeback with other songs most notably ‘Nawti’,  a song that enjoyed tremendous reception from music fans , Olu Maintain sort of faded out of the entertainment scene. 



The self-styled gospel rapper Bouqui who rose to fame with hit single, ‘Take you away’ in 2010, became very impressive and fans expected more from her. She later brokered a deal with American record label Xist Music, and hopes were high that her career will be taken to the next level. After the contract, fans are yet to hear from the talented female rapper.



The R&B Singer who was a member of the defunct plantashun Boiz group, was the only solid threat to former Plantashun Boiz member  2face Idibia for years.
He matched the legendary 2face Idibia album for album with massive hits like ‘Faze alone’, ‘Kolomental’, ‘Tattoo girls’ etc.
The singer suddenly disappeared and couldn’t make a comeback even with his fourth album ‘Refazed’. 



He released his first popular single, ‘collabo’ in in 2008 and in 2009, it became a chart topping  monster hit. He released another single in 2012, but it wasn't a commercial success. Since then, he's been missing in action.



Konga became popular in 2001, when he released ‘My Baby’, which became a commercial success. He was featured in X Project’s hit single ‘Lori le’ in 2007. In 2009 he released another street anthem and club banger, ‘Kabakaba’ that featured the late Dagrin and Femi Aluko.  Konga suddenly went underground after that single.



The former Soundcity Vj who ventured into professional music in 2005, dropped his debut single ‘Ego’ which became an instant hit that same year. The promising singer released a single, ‘Lade’ featuring M.I Abaga and his debut album, ‘Overta  King’ in 2009. 

After the release of the album, the singer simply vanished from mainstream entertainment.



The producer who was formerly based in the UK was the first to bring Nigerian music heavyweights D’banj and 2face together. He featured both artistes in his ‘Fimile’ remix in 2013. Kas released hit singles like ‘Fimile’ and ‘Dance for me’ in 2010. His album was greatly appreciated and sold over 1.2 million copies in Nigeria.

After the Fimile remix, his fans are still searching for him.



W4 is not new in the Nigerian music scene. He rose to prominence in 2008 when he released 'Amen', but his major breakthrough came in 2011 after the release of his hit single 'Kontrol'. The artiste who went underground for a while after the release of 'Amen', resurfaced with 'Kontrol' and a 'Fela' like fashion style. 

The single became a huge success and recieved positive acceptance by both fans and critics who felt W4 was back for good.

He released another single in 2013 titled Afromakossa, the single failed to impress and in no time, W4 dissapeared with the single.