Eminem is underrated – 50 cents

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Thursday, 20 February 2014 | 1021 Total Views


According to 50 Cent, there is one MC who will go down as the biggest game-changer of the past decade or so and his name is Eminem.

“I think Eminem is more important to hip-hop than people actually credit him for,”
He told VIBE and continued by saying the rapper who gave him an opportunity to take his career to another level, inspired and opened doors for other rappers.

Talking about the effect hip hop had on his life, he said:

“It opens the door for a [Macklemore],” 50 continues, alluding to the white MC who beat out critically-acclaimed Compton lyricist Kendrick Lamar at this year’s Grammy Awards, a shocking win that sparked much debate. “Those artists are really important to the growth of our actual culture. And if you see what hip-hop has done for me it’s allowed me to travel the world and to meet people from different walks and ethnicities, and allow me to broaden my perspective on life, period. There’s nothing as beautiful as what can happen with hip-hop music and culture.”