#EventPromotionTipsSeries: Plan Your Event Months Before

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Friday, 27 June 2014 | 1028 Total Views


Organising a successful event be it a concert,festival or fashion show requires serious planning and strategising. Planning your event before hand is key to a hitch free event.

You need to do your survey on what kind of event you really want to organise and how to promote the event.

Resources is very vital here because the amount of available resources in the form of finance will determine how big and successful your event will become so there is need for a budget early enough to cater for every other financially dependent factor that will make the event a success.

Some of the important questions you should ask yourself is what kind of event do I want to organise and promote? how big? etc.

These questions will be very important in setting you on the right path and will help you channel your energy in the right direction.