Get Ready For The Theatre Take Over This Season

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Tuesday, 3 June 2014 | 683 Total Views


The Nigerian entertainment industry is gradually beaming its light on theatre and stage plays. After many years of wallowing in the dark, the plays and theatrics are coming back.

There is a new level of appreciation of stage plays and theatre presentations. People are beginning to find a reason to do something different from the regular music and comedy shows. 

The Nigerian entertainment industry is characterised by musical and comedy concerts, but in this season, there are a lot of events taking place at the theatres. Terra Culture and Muson Center have been in the forefront of the rebirth, stealing the shine from the National Theatre in Iganmu. Both Terra Culture and Muson Center have witnessed more plays in recent times than the national theatre.

Most of the lined up events for this time of the year are theatre related. This may be a direct result of the weather condition which doesn't encourage outdoor events (like most musical concerts) or a new understanding of the beauty of theatre events.

People crave for something different and original. The enthusiasm and beautiful artistry that stage plays exude seems to be a perfect blend with the weather creating a romance like relationship between stage plays and the rainy season. There is a no holds barred aura that overwhelms the audience, something films cannot equal even with all the technological advancements they have embraced. It takes one who is brave, talented and audacious to interprete a character convincingly to the admiration of the audience as you get an immediate feedback from them.

All stage actors are prolific film actors but not all film actors are prolific stage actors.The Taiwo ajayi lycette's, Ebele Okaro's, Carol king's and Joke Silva's of this world are a testament to this fact which is why they are in a class of their own.

Stage plays hardly condone mediocres who have swarmed the film industry. Many Nigerians are irritated by this annoying trend and have decided to go back to their first love ( STAGE PLAYS) which really inspired the film industry in the first place.

Events like Kakaadu, Hear Word and Band Aid witnessed massive turnout which is a proof that the resurrection of the theatres is a welcomed development. There are other theatre presentations ranging from plays, dance, comedy to spoken words that are lined up in the coming weeks. Events like The Taruwa Festivals, for Coloured Girls and many more.

In this season, find a warm and cozy spot in one of these theatres, relax and enjoy the display of intellectual artistry and creativity.