Go back to Rehab! Judge Orders Chris Brown

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Thursday, 21 November 2013 | 585 Total Views


Grammy Award winning American R&B superstar Chris Brown has been ordered by a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin on Wednesday to return to rehab and this time with new rules.

The judge also ordered the R&B singer to perform at least 24 hours of community labor per week in the form of graffiti removal or roadside cleanup. The Judge’s ruling made it clear that the expectation for the singer for the next few months is to receive treatment.

Brown appeared in court for the first time since he was arrested last month on a misdemeanor assault charge in Washington, D.C. Since then, he voluntarily entered and left a rehab program for anger management.

Brown was ordered earlier this year to re-do 1,000 hours of community labor that are part of his sentence for felony assault in the 2009 beating of Rihanna, his girlfriend at the time.