How the media destroyed my affair with DJ Cuppy – Sean Tizzle

Ezekiel Adesawe  | Monday, 8 August 2016 | Total Views


Popular Nigerian singer Sean Tizzle opened up on how his potential relationship with DJ Cuppy was ruined by the media Tizzle told The Nation about how the media once ruined the possibility of a romantic relationship between himself and DJ Cuppy.

Dj Cuppy  sean tu

The singer said he had a crush on Femi Otedola’s DJ daughter Cuppy only that the media blew off his chances and she turned off. On his dating DJ Cuppy: No, we were not dating. She’s just my friend and we are cool like that. People just took it wrong, although I like her for so many things. On the possibility of a relationship: I told her before but she was in school then and she was trying to focus on her education. When the media put that out she didn’t take it too lightly and that kind of affected the relationship. But me I go go work that work to come tell her back say what’s up girl, can we do it again?