How to dress for an event

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Events provide that special moment to show off your dressing skills and love for fashion. The thought of dressing up for an event can be thrilling for some as well as tedious for others.

The big questions start popping its ugly head weeks before the event; what will be the best costume to pull off for this event? Should I rock my louboutin or my jimmy choo shoe?  Last week it was orange and pink, my next event should be? Then anxiety creeps in… What colour is preferable? How should my hair look? And so on and so forth.

You may not have the intention of heading down the red carpet to be photographed by paparazzi, or secretly compete with those that will be walking the red carpet but always have it in mind that you might see an old friend, or a colleague or perhaps you may bump into someone you secretly admire and trust me you don’t want to look like you just got back from a race.

Do you ever wonder how the actors, actresses and TV hosts prepare for the big night? It’s all very challenging and may I remind you, these stunning stars prepare for weeks with personal trainers, nutritionists and stylist who will go through the pain to make sure they look like a fashionista while others will have to rack their brains to pick that perfect dress.

To look stunningly beautiful at an event goes more than just the looks; you have to put in a little bit of attitude. Whether you’re dressing for a gala premiere or a star-studded charity event, bringing all the elements together is very important. If you don’t want to be on the losing end of a best-and-worst-dressed list, take heed of our tips.

Below are a few tips and ways prepared for you to rock that big event…



Pedi-Medi - The grooming of a woman’s hand and feet says so much about her! Don’t you notice a woman’s nail as she’s holding a glass of wine at an event? And there’s nothing worse than dry, scaling feet in strappy heels.

Hair- Your hair speaks louder than you think,  it’s an extension of your identity – the cut, colour, and length come together to show the world a piece of who you are.  Always remember scruffy hair gives a low class impression and neat styled hair gives you a fabulous look. Always remember that your hairdo shouldn't outshine your dress, it should complement it.


Make-up - is a very important aspect of beauty and fashion; it enhances your beauty and makes you more attractive.

Make sure to carry a powder compact with mirror, bolder lip gloss (helps you pop more in photos) and a clear band aid in your evening bag in case you get a blister from those new strappy shoes.

Also, never leave the house without using your perfume, it gives you a sense of pride and confident as you engage in conversations at the event.

Choose shades or colour palettes that agree with your outfit and skin colour. Your makeup should also suit the occasion.

That said; always remember that LESS IS MORE.


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Pick a dress and complementary shoes at least two weeks before the event. Dressing for the red carpet requires a formal gown or sophisticated dress. Read through magazines and websites for dress ideas and pick a theme or look for the event. Your theme can be based on a colour, such as glamorous red or chic black, or can be centred on a celebrity's style you admire.

Red carpet moments are all about glamour and elegance. Glamour equals floor length gowns. There is no other way to make an entrance and make sure everyone remembers who you are, or at least what you looked like and for good reasons.

Whether it is a simple black maxi dress with a sweetheart neckline or a neon pink satin fishtail creation, go with what makes you stand out.

Heels are a cert for any red carpet moment because although flats may keep you comfy they will not give you the stance or confidence that a great pair of heels will. The sparkly the better when it comes to footwear and this is especially true if your dress is going to be kept simple.


With the excellent level and quality of costume jewellery available now in the market, you don’t need to worry about what to rock. If you are wearing a strapless dress then why not try wearing a really fabulous statement necklace, like a big silver choker.  Wear some eye catching oversized chandelier earrings and keep the neckline simple and fuss free. Of course every outfit needs a large cocktail ring to draw the attention to your hands when talking, especially if you have to give some kind of speech.

When you go to a red carpet event, you need to take only the bare essentials because this is the time for a small delicate clutch, not your battered leather tote. You will only need lip-gloss, blotting papers, keys, mobile and some money, if possible just your Atm card. This allows you to choose a gorgeous diamante covered box clutch.

For the Men, a Tuxedo and a bow tie will do the trick. It is way easier for Men to get dressed up for an event especially the red carpet than Women.

An attractive colour will make a proper statement with a well-tailored haircut.



Many ladies take out time to look at red carpet dresses of their favourite celebrities and want to come out looking like them. It is not a bad idea, but bear in mind that we all have different body shapes and it is very important that you know what suit you and makes you comfortable. Make alterations and practice wearing your gown and shoes to avoid any disappointment at the last minute. You need to practice how to sit and walk comfortably in the gown. Some gowns also require you to purchase special undergarments or double-sided skin tape. Likewise, shoes should be worn to ensure that they are broken in to prevent any slip and falls while walking the red carpet. On the day of the event, you should have no anxiety about what you are wearing.

And finally…


A smile is the best makeup or costume you can ever wear. After putting much energy into looking good, a perfect smile will serve as the icing on the cake. Smiling will make you look even more attractive.

With these tips, we hope to see you looking gorgeous and fabulous.

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