How To Organise A Successful Event

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Wednesday, 7 May 2014 | 1337 Total Views


Organising big events has never been an easy task. Everything needs to be planned from the start to finish. Every step needs to be perfected in order to get the best event. 

Hosting a successful event entails a lot and many promoters do not have enough knowledge about events before organising one which usually results in poor turnout/returns.

Before organising an event, you must have an objective for the event like expected turn out or finanacial returns. 

There are a couple of factors that influence the success of events and must not be taken for granted.


Every event has its target audience and different approach from another. For instance, educational events like seminars and conferences attract less people compared to musical concerts, fashion and comedy shows. Charity events, gala etc also don't do too well in Nigeria. In Nigeria, Musical concerts, Comedy shows and Fashion shows sell more than any other event and attract a larger audience. Theatre events are also beginning to gain wider acceptance and attendance among Nigerians after years of neglect.



This is a very important factor that must be considered when planning to organise an event. Events sell better between the months of September and December and then around valentine and easter. The reasons may not be far from the fact that at those times of the year, a lot of people will want to unwind and do things that are not work related. In fact, people appear to be awash with more disposable cash to buy event tickets. 

It is wise to organise education related events like school fairs or summer camps during long vacations. Training programmes, conferences, seminars etc do not really fit into specific category of time, But it will take a more targeted and aggressive marketing to get Nigerians to attend, especially when they are ticketed.


Before organising an event, take some time out to study the type of event that sells and why they do.

It is not a bad idea to monitor closely the event that people are willing to pay for and attend. You may have other plans but if it is unpopular with  your target audience, it may not produce the desired result. So waht's the point? You are not running a charity. Are you?


Venues play a great role in the success of any event. The more luxurious and high profile the venue, the better image your event will get. Some people will never attend events held in some venues because they may consider the event as cheap and beneath them. For example, Eko Hotel and Suites hosts some of the biggest and most successful events in Nigeria because it has a reputation. The cheapest hall in Eko Hotel and Suite is worth about 15 million Naira which up scales events held there. However, that doesn't mean every event held there succeeds. But it does help.

In choosing a venue, accessibility and parking space is a major factor. Some people avoid some events because of the fear of not finding where to park their cars.


mass appeal

This has worked for severally big promoters especially for musical concerts and music related events. Artistes with mass appeal attract people to an event. In choosing a star that will grace your event, you must consider your target audience and the generation of artistes or celebrity that resonate with the people. We have events whose ticket sale blew the roof at a last minute introduction of a popular act and we have also seen people demand a refund when an headlined act suddenly pulled out of a show.


If you dont get the word about your event out there, nobody will know about it. Organisers of very successful events spend a lot on publicity and marketing their events. They use every medium ranging from radio, Tv, print media, bill boards to social media platforms to market and promote their events which gives it more visibily hence better turnout.

Most of the not very successful events rely solely on social media which is a limited way of publicising an event



This may appear simple, but it's one of the biggest nightmares for event promoters. How do you price an event right? What are the variables? It depends on all the foregoing. There's no rule of thumb. Just look and ask around for prices of similar events. But by all means do some research vis a vis your cost of organising the event. Explore discounting for early birds to encourage pre-sale of your event.


Ensure that attendeees are given what was advertised. People buy tickets to events hoping to get a seat or seat in front as was advertised but ending standing throughout the events. This is one of the most common challenges experienced at event venues.