Jim Iyke in a fight over $10,000 in Ghana

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jim iyke

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke was involved in a fight with a man believed to be a Nigerian in Ghana. Witnesses said the man had arrived in a black Range Rover with a Nigerian number plate earlier to a café. Jim also arrived about 20 minutes later in his Sports Chevy with a Nigerian number plate, and engaged the man in a heated argument over $10,000 which later turned into a nasty brawl on the street.

According to a source, it was even difficult to stop them from fighting and at a point Jim wanted to get into his car to pull out something which was suspected to be a gun, but was prevented by those at the café. The other man quickly disappeared and returned with two policemen who took Jim to the Police station.

It didn’t take long for Jim to come back to the café. The Legon Police Commander in a telephone conversation with The Ghanaian Times said, the men he dispatched to the venue had information of the scuffle, but those at the scene were reluctant to give the police in-depth account of what actually transpired, and so they were unable to bring the two men to the police station.