Justin Bieber says his Mom gives him drugs

admin  | Friday, 24 January 2014 | 1215 Total Views


Troubled singer who recently got arrested for DUI Justin Bieber, told the Police his Mom gave him the prescription medication he took shortly before his DUI arrest.

According to TMZ, cops grilled Bieber on what substances he had ingested before his arrest ... and the singer admitted he was under the influence of Rx meds, alcohol, and weed.

When asked what kind of Rx meds,Bieber reportedly said anti-anxiety (such as Xanax) but he wasn't sure exactly what kind ... because he just takes whatever his mom Pattie gives him. 

It's unclear if he has his own prescriptions for the drugs -- and his mom just handles them -- or if he's using his mom's prescriptions ... which would be illegal. If Bieber does have a valid prescription , the presence of the substance in his system probably won't be held against him.