Latasha launches for plus-size people

Ezekiel Adesawe  | Tuesday, 14 June 2016 | Total Views


Towards providing an arena to support, inspire and encourage plus-size people in Africa and beyond, Veteran journalist, television personality and notorious curvy fashionista, Latasha Ngwube has launched Africa’s first online platform,

According to her, “For a long time, plus-size people were sidelined by fashion industry and marginalized by mainstream society but the time to tear down has come to an end.”

She further explained that the platform will serve as a haven for plus-size people most especially in this part of the world to be the very best they can be regardless of their sizes.

She said, “'About That Curvy Life', as well as being a curvy online destination, has positioned itself as a platform to support, inspire and encourage plus-size people.

We aim to cultivate a society of tolerance and acceptance where, regardless of your size, you can find a safe place to be the only thing you were ever meant to be; yourself.”

So for your dose of fashion, lifestyle, wellness and beauty, head over to AboutThatCurvyLife.