Man sues Jennifer Lopez, claiming she duped him

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Sunday, 12 January 2014 | 995 Total Views


Rodrigo Ruiz has filed a $10,000 law suit against Lopez in L.A, claiming she duped him into sending her naked photos via email. He claims she sent him a letter out of the blues in 2008, demanding he reply with naked photos and his demo CDs. 

He claims the letters led him to believe he had a chance at a music career -- and even a romantic relationship with Lopez, but she never followed through and he eventually gave up hope. Ruiz says he was so depressed he sought out professional help.

In addition to the lawsuit, Ruiz filed a police report claiming sexual harassment. 

Ruiz still believes Lopez sent these letters to him, but records show the P.O. box he replied to is owned by a 53-year-old L.A. woman.