Meet the Woman With the World’s Longest Fingernails

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Chris Walton, 47, holds the title for the world's longest fingernails after she stopped clipping them in 1993. They now reach more than 20 feet, twisting and turning in a way that would appear to make even the most simple tasks near impossible. She showed off her incredible talons at the Guinness World Records 2014 launch in London.

The grandmother is better known by her stage name 'The Dutchess' in Nevada and California. But her voice is far from the first thing you would notice if you bumped into her in the street.

Wow, wonder how she does her house chores and recreational activities?

Record breaker: Chris Walton's dedication to her nails has been officially recognised by the 2012 edition of the Guinness Record Book. She painted them a dazzling gold to celebrate
What big nails you have: The 45-year-old woman stopped cutting her nails 19 years ago and they have grown to a combined length of 20 feet
Music maker: As a singer popular in Nevada and California, Walton known as The Dutchess, can also play the piano snag-free
'My daughters don't cater to my needs': Chris has strengthened her nails using acrylic and insists that she doesn't need any help with anything
Keep going: Chris has only lost a nail once, when she was fixing her engine on the freewayKeep going: Chris has only lost a nail once, when she was fixing her engine on the freeway
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