Nigerian Idol judges in disagreement with the voting public

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Thursday, 3 April 2014 | 1777 Total Views


The judging trio of Dede Mabiaku, Darey Art-Alade and Nneka Egbuna are not pleased with the nationwide vote revealed at the first result show of Nigerian Idol.

The show which aired on Saturday, March 29, 2014, made it clear to see that the judges and voters didn't share the same view on contestants that should be in the Top 12.

With Lisa, Jesse Raey and Elvis Jay occupying the first three spots in the Top 12 based on votes, Nigerian Idol judges are in total disagreement with the decision. At the last recording, Darey declared that Daniel Buba and Evelle deserved to be in the Top 12.

"It is really sad that the voting public isn't looking along the line of what we call quality," said a disappointed Dede. "Frankly speaking, I am upset," added Nneka.