Nina Ogot to perform with Keith Sweat in Kenya

admin  | Monday, 30 September 2013 | 766 Total Views


US R&B star Keith Sweat will visit Nairobi, Kenya next month for a one-day concert in Carnivore after his two-day performance at Uganda.

Sweat’s announcement on his official website has left the Kenyan singer, Nina Ogot overjoyed as she will be the only Kenyan to perform at the Keith Sweat show on Saturday, October 5, 2013.

‘Wow! It’s definitely an honour for me. Keith Sweat is that musical American RnB icon we all listened to and admired in our late teens. To meet him and to be the only exclusive Kenyan act for his show is fabulous’ an elated Nina told WordIs.

Nina also says she’s working on remixing materials from her upcoming second album with three songs completed ‘Wololo’, ‘Aheri’ and ‘Duog Dala’.