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To say reality TV has taken over television entertainment as the most popular TV programme is like stating the obvious. The latest reality TV franchise to hit Nigeria is The Voice. Chairman & Chief Executive, Storm360, Obi Asika will be partnering with African Media & Productions Network (AMPN)to bring American reality TV show, The Voice, to Nigeria.

The singing competition which began airing in April 26, 2011 will join the likes of Nigerian Idol, X-Factor, Nigeria's Got Talent to mention a few who have found a firm foothold in Nigeria.

Throwing more light on the partnership, Asika, who is now the co-founder, AMPN West Africa noted, "I am excited to partner with Harrie and Arjan to bring these world class formats to Nigeria. We share a common philosophy and we will also seek to drive global access for quality Nigerian Content, this is an exciting time for all content producers and providers and we hope to bring some differentiation to the market.

He continued, "We look forward to 2014 with some excitement as we seek partnerships with brands, broadcasters and agencies to help to create more compelling content platforms and engagement for the various audiences. Nigeria is the content hub of Africa and AMPN will be working hard to add to that vast and exciting content pool.