Stay safe, cool and clean this rainy season

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Tuesday, 27 May 2014 | 1173 Total Views


The season of unprecedented downpour is here again. That time of the year when your movement can be brought to an abrupt stand still by not very friendly weather conditions. 

From the months of May to early September, the western, eastern and southern parts of Nigeria experiences heavy and sometimes turbulent downpour.

The raining season is not a bad time of the year and can be a relief from the scotching heat of the dry season but with its soothing cool weather and cool air, comes the issues of heavy rainfall that could stall free movement for hours. 

In a busy city like Lagos, here are a few tips that will help you face the challenges that comes with this time of the year.


When dressing up, easy movement should be one of your top priority. It could be easier for those with cars to move around almost freely without feeling the harsh effects of a heavy downpour but those who depend on public transport systems to get to work must take this seriously. You don't want your expensive shoes soaked with water or be faced with flooded streets and you wont be able to find your way through. Any attire that makes movement and possibly running easy should take top spot.


For the guys, having to carry an umbrella or raincoat about may be very uncomfortable but it will do you a lot of good at this time. This does not apply to non car owners alone, because you may have to walk some distance from your car sometimes when it is raining heavily so having an umbrella or rain coat tucked somewhere in your car wont be a bad idea.


By this I don't mean winter coats but anything that will keep you warm when the cold becomes unbearable. Rain is always accompanied with very windy and sometimes cold weather and preparing before hand for the cold is a necessity.


This may not be 100 percent accurate but it will serve as a guide. With weather report, you will know what to expect and prepare to face it before hand. It is better to be prepared for a heavy downpour and not experience it than to come out without adequate preparations and be confronted by a storm.


Some areas are prone to flooding so acute knowledge of your way around will save you the trouble of having to bother about scaling flooded areas or getting a towing van to help you tow your car that is stuck. Never underestimate a not too familiar route or pathway.Especially when the place is flooded as you really cannot differentiate between gutters,ditches and roads as everywhere may most likely be covered with water.You can either look for a safe haven till the flood reduces or take a safer and more familiar route.Always remember IT IS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY.


What is the need of getting stuck on 3rd mainland bridge or some other places when you can just drive or go to a nice spot like a bar and have a good time while the rain vent its anger on the world. Find a nice relaxing spot to wait for the rain to stop.


Yep rainboots,especially for those of you who live in not very accessible areas with sticky red mud all over the might interest you to note that these rain boots could be fanciful too as designers have taken out time to  make them look more appealing by making them in different shades.


Ladiessssssssssssss,never leave your homes without your shower caps especially those of you who are not car owners.There's nothing more embarassing than showing up at the office or an event with wet smelly hair be it synthetic or human.The good thing about these caps is that you can easily tuck them away inside your bags.


Yes and this is certainly not overdoing it but simply preparing for the worst if you know what I mean.There is certainly no excuse whatsoever (even if you are the unluckiest being on planet earth) showing up for a presentation or an interview in mud stained clothes.Remember they say you only get to make a good first impression once.This is a most likely CAN-DO task for ladies who carry bags most of the time as opposed to the male folks.