Photos: The New Most Expensive Range Rover Sport With First Class Airline Style Seats & Champagne Chiller

admin  | Tuesday, 29 October 2013 | 2486 Total Views


The most expensive and luxurious Range Rover ever created by the British 4X4 firm is revealed today – with a right royal $225,000 price tag to match.

The target audience for the sumptuous off-roader is royalty – both the blue-blooded real and the ‘tinsel-town’ Hollywood variety – as well as ministers and senior politicians and top sporting stars.

The new range-topping super-luxury Autobiography Black derivative of the Range Rover offers rear occupants fully adjustable reclining first class airline style seats with in-built massager, champagne chiller, individual electronic tables in black leather, mood lighting in ten colours, as well as a range of luxurious leather, wood and other interior trim.

Despite its name, it will also be available in white and other colours, as ‘Black’ is a term used in the automotive industry to denote a prestige model. A Land Rover spokesman said: ‘This will be the most expensive and luxurious Range Rover ever.’

It is powered by a 5.0 litre supercharged V8 petrol engine which propels it from rest to 60mph in just 5.5 seconds to a top speed of 140mph.

Check out more pics below.