Safety At Events

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Events could be fun and extremely exciting. Most times, people are carried away by the charged up atmosphere and fun and forget to put their safety and that of their belongings into consideration.

There a lot of factors to be considered when attending crowded events like open air concerts, live football matches etc.

Attending any crowded event obviously carries some level of risk. When so many people come together, a lot can go wrong and making it home safe is rarely a matter of sheer luck. Apart from the effort to be at the venue in good time to get a great viewing position, there are a number of things to take into account as you attend your favourite event.



Different people attend events with different motives. Some are there for criminal purposes so you need to be mindful of how you handle your valuables like wallet, money, credit/debit cards, purse and cell phone etc and make sure you’re not making yourself an easy target for a pick pocket.



A panicked public can be dangerous and no one knows when there could be or what could result in a stampede at event venues. Though such occurrences are yet to be recorded at event venues in recent times, it is essential, however, that you be circumspect. People become easily upset, angry and distraught in emergency situations or over unpleasant experiences and the events team rarely hire trained people who know how to calm people down in a chaotic situation. It’s important you find out all exit routes. Figure out ways to get away quickly from a rampaging crowd or fire outbreak. In the event of a crowd disturbance or fight stay calm and move away from the commotion as soon as possible. Avoid areas where overly intoxicated people gather. If someone’s had too much drink, don’t be afraid to notify a Security personnel or Police Officer.



Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to where the exits are. When you get somewhere new make sure you’re constantly familiarizing yourself with the area.


first aid

Despite the critical need for such arrangement, event promoters in Nigeria hardly plan for emergency services at the venue of big events not to talk about smaller ones.  It is always advisable to ensure that either you or a couple of your teammates are first aid trained and a first aid kit is on hand. Something so simple could really help someone in the event of an accident. It is better to be safe than sorry.



Most event venues in the country don’t make provision for disabled access or emergency exit routes for wheelchair or persons with limited mobility. Hence people with such disability will do well to attend events in company of friends or loved ones.   



Parking can sometimes be a stressful and time-consuming activity which can leave you cranky for the event. Event organizers in Nigeria rarely invest in parking attendants to help you park at the venue, create a hassle free environment, avoid collisions and maintain your car or pedestrian safety. So, you have to take care of things yourself by finding out ahead of time the parking situation of the venue. Make sure you’re not leaving valuables in plain sight or the car unlocked. How long is it going to take to get out of the parking lot or area in traffic? Do you have enough gas to sit idle for an hour or more while you wait to get out? Ask a Security if there’s any alternative routes out before getting in the car.