Scientists Name Hip Hop The Most Influential Genre Since 1960

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Sunday, 10 May 2015 | 516 Total Views


In a strange and funny twist, a group of scientists in a new research have named Hip Hop the most influential genre since the 1960 claiming they have Empirical evidence that the genre beats the British invasion of the Rolling Stones and The Beatles, soul, punk, prog rock, heavy metal, disco and many more. The research, led by teams from Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) and Imperial College, found that chart diversity was in the doldrums in the mid-1980s – chiefly due to the spread of drum machines, synths and samplers.

Computer software was used to group the songs according to their musical properties, incorporating the kinds of instruments used, chord patterns, tonal character, and genre. The study identified three key music “revolutions” – in 1964 when the Beatles and Rolling Stones led the “British invasion” of America, 1983 (marked by the “new wave” blend of synth-based pop and post-punk rock) and 1991. Of the three, Hip Hop’s big entrance into the charts in 1991 was said to be the most far reaching.