Surviving the Lagos traffic

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Sunday, 9 March 2014 | 2384 Total Views


No other city in Nigeria is plagued with heavy traffic like Lagos. You may just be stuck in a particular location for hours with cars around you and impatient drivers cursing.

The Lagos traffic has gained international popularity and sometimes, one is forced to wonder why it is not yet in the Guinness book of records.

Living in Lagos or visiting the Nigerian commercial capital requires a lot and some in their own terms, have named the beautiful city a stressful clime.

There is no conventional method that can be used to beat the traffic jam but these few points listed below will help reduce the effect.


Having a little knowledge of the possible time of the day and week when traffic situation is at its peak will save you a lot of headache.

During work days, Mornings and Evenings have the highest traffic situation. To manage this and reduce the effect to the barest minimum, you have to wake up very early.

Mondays are notorious for heavy traffic jam because a lot of people are either rushing down to work or ending a weekend trip. There's always a mass exodus from one area to the other so knowing how to beat the rush hours will save you a couple of hours.

Afternoons are relatively okay, so if you are visiting or having appointments that doesn't require you to report in the morning, afternoon is your best bet.

The Traffic returns in the evening. It is worse from about 6pm to about 9-10pm because people are in a hurry to get home. If you are a bit patient, the traffic becomes lighter as time goes by.


This will do you a lot of good especially when you are driving.

There are a few areas in Lagos with some of the worse traffic situations. The traffic condition in these locations are unpredictable. 

The following areas are notorious:


If you haven't had your fair dose of unprecedented stand still on this bridge, then you probably have never been to Lagos.

The major cause of this traffic Jam is the mass movement of workers who come from the mainland to the Island daily. 

During work days, if you are caught on this bridge between the hours of 7:30 am - 8:00 am, you might as well prepare an apology letter to your boss on your way. The story is similar in the evenings too, you may spend about 2 or more hours on that bridge trying to get home.


This is another area that has become famous for its terrible traffic. The major cause of the traffic here is the terrible condition of the road coupled with the huge working population who may be coming from the island or other parts of Lagos. This is one area where the traffic is at an all time high 24 hours of the day.


Avoid these routes at the close of work. The traffic here in the morning and evening is terrible as everyone seem to be in a hurry to get to work in the morning or get home in the evening.


These are some of the busiest routes in Lagos and the traffic here is unpredictable. Sometimes it is light, and at other times, it is at its worse. Leaving very early in the morning and a bit late in the evening saves some time here.

The above mentioned places are a few of the notorious routes with very heavy traffic and the suggestions may not entirely save you, but will surely help reduce the effects and save you some time.

In all, the best time to move around in Lagos is at night, very early in the morning and weekends.