The Cambridge Weight Plan Seminar Holds 26th October @Muson

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The Cambridge Weight Plan stems from the early 1960's when Dr Alan Howard, then a research scientist at the University of Cambridge, developed an interest in overweight and obesity.

He began to investigate methods of weight reduction, using himself as one of the guinea pigs. Together with Dr Ian McLean-Baird of the West Middlesex Hospital, in 1968 he organised a National Symposium on Obesity, the first ever held in the UK. They went on to collaborate and develop what they regarded as the’ perfect diet’. With Dr McLean-Baird, Alan Howard set up a research project at the West Middlesex Hospital.

What they wanted to achieve was the creation of a formula food with: 
Excellent weight loss properties, but no undesirable side effects
The right level of protein to protect lean tissue
The right level of carbohydrate to promote a mild ketosis and eliminate a sense of hunger
The right levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids to maintain good health
The first formula produced excellent weight loss results, and further work by food technologists enhanced flavours and led to the first commercial version of the Cambridge Weight Plan (originally called The Cambridge Diet).
The effectiveness and safety of this revised formula was tested both in hospital and with outpatients.
This study demonstrated three important factors:
Remarkable weight loss
Patient acceptability and Patient safety
- Leading to the Plan becoming more available in obesity clinics in London and Cambridge. Long-term safety was assessed and confirmed by further independent research in the UK, the USA and across Europe.

Cambridge weight plan in Nigeria just like in the UK is only available through trained and accredited consultants

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