Things To Do While Avoiding Traffic

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Thursday, 17 April 2014 | 2817 Total Views


Heavy traffic is one of the major fears of Lagos residents. In recent years, the traffic situation has risen to an all-time high with the influx of people into the commercial capital of Nigeria in search of better opportunities.

The traffic situation has prompted the development of mobile applications to monitor traffic trends, social media platforms and has even birthed a radio station called 'Traffic Radio' still people remain stuck in traffic for hours.

This article does not suggest ways to avoid traffic which is somewhat inevitable but will suggest meaningful activities that will keep readers busy while the traffic is at its highest.

Lagos traffic can sometimes be unprecedented and may not be judged by timing it but it is evident that traffic is always at its peak during after work hours.

In order not to waste meaningful time and energy sitting in a spot for hours, monitor what the traffic situation in your route looks like and then find a spot to relax while you wait for it to become light. Below are a few things you can do with your time while you wait for traffic to become lighter. After all, it is better to spend your time meaningfully than being stuck on 3rd Mainland Bridge.



Go to a bar close to you and grab a bottle of drink to ease off the day’s tension. Work may have been very stressful for you therefore adding the stress of heavy traffic may just leave you fatigued for the next day’s job. It is better to spend 1 or 2 hours in a cozy environment than in one of those places notorious for heavy traffic.



If you are one of those very busy people who do not have time for leisure, being stuck in traffic for long hours may not be the best for you. You can use the opportunity to hit one of the cinemas near you and watch a movie. Most movies have below 2 hours running time and it will help you avoid traffic peak periods.



If you are lucky enough to have a circle of friends around your office, hanging out in a particular spot could be fun while you wait for the traffic to become lighter.


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Most people love the arts but do not have the time to appreciate it due to their very busy work schedule. Visiting a museum and just admiring the artistic pieces there can be very relaxing and worthwhile too. For those of you who love painting as a past time or hobby, you could look for a nearby studio where you can spend valuable time putting your creative imaginations on canvass with your brush and paint.



Research has shown that most people who sit down at their desk all day doing paper work or typing away at their keyboard are likely to be obese. This is because they hardly move around (which of course is good exercise) and eat junk food on the go as they do not have time to prepare proper meals. The result is that excess fat is accumulated at their waste line making them obese eventually. If you want to burn up the fat around that waistline, you might as well hit the gym for two hours after work. By the time you are done the traffic would have lessened and you would have a smooth ride home. Be sure to have a sport kit or bag tucked away at a corner of your office for this purpose.