This rainy season avoid getting wet with these 7 things

Ezekiel Adesawe  | Wednesday, 8 June 2016 | Total Views


So rain is here again like it always come on and for us every year and we understand that you will like to attend events this season but then you also don’t want to get wet attending these events.

We can’t stop the rain from pouring but then we can protect ourselves and get ready for it, anytime it comes pouring.

So to help you attend your coming events this season of down pour with confidence, we recommend that you use these (7) seven things not to get wet, don’t worry, they aren’t travel luggage but very handy.


There are different sizes of fashionable umbrellas, some are so handy they will fit into your hand bag, collapsible or folding umbrella, while some are just so big, you just put them in your car. Considering the type of event you are attending, you can choose the ones that best fit your outing, don’t also forget the color of your dress. Let it match! When you are caught up in the rain, this will protect at least your hair, clothes and yourself from getting drenched.


Stylish Raincoat

You don’t want to get wet, not again. Remember the last time you were drenched, you welcomed cough, cold, fever, you know the rest. So this time, we recommend raincoat or you call them “rain-suits”. This will cover what they umbrella can’t cover. Remember, don’t just wear them, rock them stylishly. You will look great in them.



After the umbrella and the rain coat, at the event venue, you will need the sweater to keep you cool. It advisable to use sleeve sweaters that will cover you top body well. If you don’t want to wear them while it’s not raining, you might want to keep them, in your bag or hanged somewhere in your car. Ensure you have it around, so in case it rains, use it.


Waterproof Handbags/Wallets

The rain must not stop you from having a great time, so you will need to go to that event with a waterproof handbag or wallet. You don’t want your things wet, so the next time you are going for an event, go along with bags and wallet that are waterproof. You never can tell. Remember the popular saying, ‘prepare for the rainy days’.


Waterproof Makeup

For the ladies who don’t like getting drenched, not at the moment they are going for an event, do you know that, in a time like this, waterproof makeup is the best for you. When rain falls, you won’t just be dealing with your clothes and accessories getting wet but also a messy face.

Rain Friendly Sandals/Flip-flops

They are not just sandals, they are friends to rain. Wear them more often during this period. These are shoe-savers!!!

Hair Protector

Hair tends to get frizzy in the rain. To smoothen this out always have an anti-frizz serum. Hair spray/setting spray comes in handy as it helps to extend the wear of your makeup and keep it locked in there.

So in conclusion, as you go out for your events this rainy season, you don’t have to bother head over heels, all you need do is to go along with these things. We hope you really do enjoy your time this season.