Why some Nigerian Events are Unsuccessful

Onyeka Ibeanusi  | Wednesday, 18 February 2015 | 772 Total Views


Nigerian events have improved over the years. The level of professionalism, promotion and hype has come a very long way compared to what we used to have. Today, one can expect to go for an event with beautiful decorations, great stage, nice lighting and near perfect sound. In the past, the biggest events suffer from lack of one or two of these. Stages were decorated like church altars and most time, sound becomes a problem.

All of that has changed today. Thanks to the high level of exposures on the part of organisers and access to finance. Another plus is the massive turn out at event centers as a result of the massive hype. Why then do some major Nigerian events fail.

Some events have been tagged major failures and those who attended have sworn never to attend events organised by certain celebrities or event organisers and one will always wonder what the reasons for the failure are. After studying some of the successful and not very successful events in recent times, below are some reasons why events in Nigeria fail.

Wrong Timing

There are certain time of the year when people are less likely to care about events. Most of the people who can afford tickets to shows and concerts are working class and will most likely want the event to fall on a holiday so they can go with their spouse, lovers, family members or friends. Events held on Saturdays also get impressive turnouts since the attendees can rest on Sunday before going back to work on Monday. Once the timing of the event is wrong, the turnout might be very poor.

Choice of Artiste

Yes! The choice of an artiste coming for an event is very important. People look at the list of the stars before buying the tickets. It is the artistes or celebs that actually sells an event. Fans of a particular artiste may just want to attend because they want to watch someone they like perform. If your main attraction is a not so popular star with a small fan base, your event may just be heading for the rocks.


The venue of an event matters a lot. People want to attend events when the venue is easy to locate, accessible and with a big parking space. It is a turn off to have a car park that is miles away from the venue of the event.


The African time factor is a terrible thing. When attendees get to the venue hours before the organisers, then it becomes a big problem and frustration sets in. Some events in Nigeria reportedly kicked off hours from the original start time.

 Ticket Fee

Every event organiser want to come out as high class lately. This is the main reason for outrageous ticket prices to most of the big events around. The higher the amount, the less people will show up.

Value for Money

Most people are dissatisfied with the kind of treatment they get at event centers. After paying seemingly high amounts for tickets, you end up being boxed up in a corner where you can't catch enough of the real action. People go to events to have fun, once that is taken away, bitterness sets in.